Further Examination Of Trouble-free Fire Mitigation In Folsom California Solutions

When organisms can’t talk, they die because they cannot multiple or replicate.” This technology has been used in military applications by the U.S. Government in germ warfare control wherever they manufacture store produced biological weapons, Rose said. In case of an accidental release, this technology is available to them to prevent anyone from getting sick or dying. Additionally, the technology is used in the healthcare field, specifically to sterilize sensitive and expensive medical devices that cannot be sterilized using the traditional methods of heat, steam, chemicals or pressure, he said. “Everything in an operating room has to be sterilized before the next patient. If you have an expensive piece of electronic equipment that needs to be cleaned, how do you do so without destroying it?” Rose said. “They use my patented technology, the Micro-Clean technology. It uses very specific wave lengths and very specific frequencies to disrupt cellular communication between organisms, so they die.” After his success with the Micro-Clean technology, Rose started looking for corrective frequencies that could assist his wife with the arthritis in her knees. “I haven’t been able to find the frequencies to elevate her problem and relieve her pain, but I have been successful in finding the frequency combinations that allow cellular restoration within the body for unwanted fat cells,” he said.  What Rose does is flood the body with corrective frequencies for 10 minutes. These frequencies are vibrational sound patterns, which restores the body to its optimum condition. This allows unwanted fat cells to, in essence, be eaten up by the body.

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