The Top Insights For Establishing Aspects For Fire Damage In Elk Grove California

There's a train crossing that goes over the freeway and we're coming up, you know we can see traffic slowing in front of us, and it's not stopping, so we're slowing down," Schneider told FOX40. But the group of bikers didn't slow down fast enough. "It was just an abrupt, no time to stop you know traffic just stopped in front of us," said Schneider. Gregson and several of the other riders couldn't avoid colliding with the stopped cars and trucks. "You know, he tried to slow down, the bike skid for a good while before he ran into the back of the truck," Schneider said. Gregson did not survive. He left behind a wife and three children. "(He was) just a happy fun-loving guy," Schneider told FOX40. Officially the California Highway Patrol said the accident is a result of southbound traffic on Highway 99 coming to an almost sudden stop. The reason for that slow down is something officers can't say for sure.

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